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Helping You Sustain Your Legacy

In order to provide a creative and innovative way of looking at the all too familiar problem “How do I make good financial decisions?” you must integrate your financial and life goals. The Markham Financial process is more than just a way of making financial decisions... It is a better way.

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Wealth Management
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Markham Financial specializes in a full spectrum of services for the “newly and nearly retired” when decision making is at its most critical. Whether it’s protecting your wealth, continued accumulation, having sustainable income, or long term care issues let Markham Financial help you pursue your goals.

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Financial Assessment

All successful relationships have good communication at their heart. Through a process of discovery, your vision and most important life pursuits are explored in the context of your financial resources and objectives.

Protecting Your Legacy

Uncertainty leaves room for opportunity.  At Markham Financial Services, Inc., we can solidify tomorrow by planning today. As Warren Buffett said, you can sit in the shade tomorrow because of the tree you planted today.

Wealth Management

Building and maintaining your wealth requires a disciplined approach. In these uncertain times, we’ll help you navigate through the complex financial world in a thoughtful manner using proven financial strategies for long term success.

Insurance Services

What’s the best offense? A good defense! Markham Financial wants to make sure your hard work is protected. Unforeseen dangers can cause havoc both financially and emotionally. Markham Financial will help you identify, assess, and plan for the unknown giving you piece of mind.

Our Areas of Expertise

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Retirement Planning

Congratulations, you retired! But will your asset base be able to sustain your lifestyle throughout retirement? Are you an employee planning for retirement or nearly retired? Let us help you align your retirement plan with your retirement vision.

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College Planning

Rising education costs require a forward-thinking plan. Legacy Wealth can help you prepare for one of life’s biggest investments.

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Long Term Care Planning

Perhaps one of the most emotionally charged situations a family will face. Markham Financial can provide thoughtful solutions to help protect you, and perhaps more importantly develop meaningful strategies to help cope with and manage an ever growing concern for Americans

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401(k) and Company Retirement Plans

Is your company’s retirement plan not living up to your expectations? A well-structured company plan can enhance the image of the company, benefit your employees and allow greater employee retention.

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